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At Mkpf.in, also known as Mrinal Khatnani Photos & Films, we believe that wedding photography and films are a priceless investment in capturing the memories of one of the most special days of your life. We take great responsibility in documenting your day in the most authentic and honest way possible. Our team consists of passionate photographers and cinematographers who strive to capture love infused with art, not only in India but around the world. With over six years of experience and 250+ weddings, we have honed our skills in pure documentation, as well as in editorial-style photos and films. We take pride in delivering stunning, high-quality images and videos that will be cherished for generations to come.

Where magic happens Our Team

Mrinal Khatnani ( Founder & Creative Head )
Embark on a journey through the lens with Mrinal, whose passion for photography ignited during his formative years in school. From capturing candid moments with friends during his teenage escapades to orchestrating the perfect shot at weddings, Mrinal’s evolution as a photographer has been nothing short of remarkable. With his vision, he weaves a narrative that is uniquely his own, infusing every frame with an artistic touch that sets him apart. Mrinal’s relentless pursuit of originality and his innate ability to think outside the box ensure that every couple shoot transcends mere photography to become an intimate reflection of love and romance. His infectious enthusiasm and warm demeanor create an atmosphere where even the cheesiest poses feel natural and magical. As the captain of our ship, Mrinal leads with both vision and empathy, effortlessly motivating the team to deliver their best. So, brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as Mrinal immortalizes the essence of your special day through his creative direction, one heartfelt click at a time.
Pratham Sharma ( Lead Photographer )
Pratham, where behind his seemingly aloof demeanor lies an artist consumed by a fiery passion for the lens. With an innate ability to infuse every shot with drama and emotion, Pratham’s hands-on approach to photography ensures that each image resonates with authenticity and depth. Driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, Pratham’s work reflects his unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity. Despite his youthful vigor, he possesses a wisdom and innocence in his craft that sets him apart, allowing him to capture moments with a fresh perspective and keen insight. Not just pictures, Pratham can interest you in some really poor dad jokes but we make sure he will never disappoint you with his work, all while ensuring you’re having a good time.
Nilesh MALL ( Lead Cinematographer )
Mix a little bit of Breaking Bad with a little bit of Band Baaja Baaraat and you have Nilesh Mall.
Our exceptional wedding cinematographer, Nilesh, renowned for his unique “Be Rolls” style that
captures genuine moments with authenticity. His specialty lies in action shots, ensuring every
frame bursts with energy and excitement. Additionally, Nilesh has a talent for conducting
interviews, skillfully asking the right questions at the right time to capture heartfelt moments.
Trust Nilesh to bring your wedding day to life on screen like never before.
With that, Want to show off your wedding teaser and snaps on Instagram? Well, Nilesh’s artistic
shots will do just the work for you.
Jai Singh ( Photographer )
Meet Jai, our wedding day magician! With his camera in hand, he turns your special day into an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter and love. Jai’s passion for photography is endless, and he’s committed to telling your story through every click. Whether it’s the big joyful moments or the sweet quiet ones, Jai captures them all with emotion and artistry. He’s your reliable partner, working tirelessly to make sure your wedding memories last forever in beautiful photos.
Sujeet verma ( Cinematographer )
Sujeet is a man of action, prioritizing deeds over dialogue. You won’t catch him engaging in idle chit-chat instead, he’s always on the lookout for opportunities to capture moments through his lens. With exceptional photography skills and years of experience under his belt, Sujeet isn’t just a valuable team member he’s an outstanding cinematographer who brings scenes to life with every frame he captures.
Sakshi Aher ( Photographer )
Sakshi aher ( Photographer )
Meet Sakshi, the vibrant soul who traded economics for the captivating world of photography, and never looked back. Joining our team with an infectious enthusiasm for the lens, Sakshi adds a unique blend of goofiness and dedication to our dynamic crew. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion to innovate make her an invaluable asset to our team. Not to mention, her unwavering commitment shines through as she effortlessly juggles long hours behind the scenes, ensuring every shot is perfectly lit. With Sakshi by our side, every moment behind the camera is not just a task, but a joyful exploration of creativity and teamwork.
Ananya Sharma ( Client Relationship Manager )
Meet Ananya, our Client Relationship Manager. With a background in psychology, she’s all about building strong connections. Ananya pays attention to every little thing and really gets what makes people tick. She’s outgoing and loves chatting with all kinds of folks. Her friendly nature makes clients feel comfortable and important. Ananya’s commitment, eye for detail, and love for connecting with people make her a key part of our team and someone you can count on as you explore and grow.
Avneet Arya ( Editor )
The youngest editor on our team, whose innate talent for photography remained dormant until his friends recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue it seriously. Later, he embarked on a brief course that honed his skills, and now he joins us at MKPF, ready to elevate his photography and editing abilities to new heights.
Prem Awasthi ( Photographer )
Meet Prem, the most seasoned member of our team, boasting extensive experience in the telecom industry. Yet, beneath his technical prowess lies a profound passion for photography. He serves as our reliable confidant for meaningful discussions on life experiences, enriched by his profound spiritual insights. His depth of knowledge and unique perspective elevate every interaction, making him not just a senior colleague, but a guiding beacon in both professional and personal realms.
Abhay Tiwari ( Cinematographer )
Abhay is like a treasure hunter, always looking for the perfect moments to capture. He is super patient, waiting for just the right moment to get the best shots. But what sets him apart is his fun-loving attitude. Abhay makes everyone feel comfortable and happy, which makes the videos even better. So, when you have Abhay as a wedding cinematographer, you know your memories are in good hands, and he’ll make sure you have something amazing to look back on forever.
Praveen Gaur ( Photographer )
Meet our wedding photographer,Praveen, whose dedication to the craft is unmatched. Engrossed in every aspect of the job and with a sharp eye for detail, he ensures that every tiny element of your special day is captured flawlessly. Trust him to bring your wedding moments to life with precision and perfection.
Pankaj Prajapati ( Photographer )
Meet our wedding photographer, Pankaj, whose towering height adds a unique dimension to capturing your special moments. With a commanding presence and a knack for unique angles, Pankaj ensures that every shot is framed perfectly. His exceptional height allows him to navigate crowds effortlessly, capturing stunning aerial views and adding an exciting dynamic to your wedding album. Trust in Pankaj to elevate your wedding day memories to new heights, quite literally!
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