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We know how precious is your special day that you have dreamt about for all your life. Your WEDDING! This day has to be one of the most extraordinary days of your life and we understand how important it is to capture your mother’s tears, your father’s contentment, your siblings’ happiness and everything festive happening around your wedding. We at Mrinal Khatnani Photos & Films put in our best foot front and try to make your wedding day our very own. We assure you that we will put all our efforts just to capture the smallest, most cherished moments that will later become a picture-perfect shot. From taking surreal candid pictures to making sure that your drunk friends are being in a frame to not miss out on the important moments, we will give you everything you want with a smile and affluence of commitment. Still not sure? Go check our pictures and I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to cover your special day as well.

We at Mrinal Khatnani Photos & Films are a team of enthusiastic, fervent, meticulous bunch of photographers & cinematographers who will go to any extent to make your day look extra special even when you go through the photos & films years later. We believe that pictures speak billions and your wedding pictures should make you relive these moments again and again. With a mix of traditions, emotions and a lot of modernization, we make sure that we capture the enumerable emotions in a reel. 
The art of balancing between lights and shadows, between tears and touches of laughter, between hues and colors and love and departures, our team will work hard and work in all the ways possible to get the perfect shots every time.

Have we got your attention yet? If yes, great. We would love to make your wedding even more special with our service and give you memories packed in an album with a big smile. If not, go check our pictures and we hope to get hitched to your wedding day as well.


Where magic happens Our Team

Mrinal Khatnani
Founder & Director

His love for photography sprang when he was introduced to the world of cameras back in school. From clicking pictures of his friends in his teen years to capturing the perfect shot at a wedding, Mrinal has come a long way. He will make your couple shoot his own and his persistent urge to do something artistic and original is what makes him an exceptionally good photographer. Always thinking out of the box, Mrinal will make sure that he makes you so comfortable that posing for even the cheesiest shots becomes easy and romantic. Being the captain of the ship, he knows how to keep the team motivated and how to make the best use of their talent. With two cameras in his either hands, you will find Mrinal taking the best candid shots at your wedding.

Pawan Singh
Director Of Photography

If you have checked out our wedding teasers then you will love our Head Cinematographer Pawan. Yes, Pawan is the guy behind all those dreamy, movie-like, cinematic shots in our teasers and he will make sure that when you look back at your wedding videos, you literally live them once again. Full of life, Pawan will be the guy at your wedding, who you can trust for the best video shots. With the power of his sweet words, talent and creativity, Pawan will make you teary-eyed and happy at the same time with the results of his work.

Jai Singh

Jai is your go-to person during the wedding. He is literally like the Jerry of the team, who will be all over the place in search of some perfect wedding shots. Want some crazy pictures with your buddies or some loving family portraits, Jai is the right guy for you. A photographer with a big heart and an even bigger dream to create something beautiful every time, Jai believes in working hard and partying harder. He will put his best foot front at your wedding as he awaits to celebrate yet another successful wedding coverage with the team later.

Nilesh MALL
Cinematographer / Editor

Mix a little bit of Breaking Bad with a little bit of Band Baaja Baaraat and you have Nilesh Mall. The youngest team member of MKP&F is all about finding ways to shoot your wedding and make it look enchanting. Want to show off your wedding teaser and snaps on Instagram? Well, Nilesh’s artistic shots will do just the work for you.
Sujeet verma

Sujeet believes in work over words. You will never find him chit-chatting but rather looking for opportunities to capture them in the lens. His exceptional skills in photography and years of experience make him a good team member and an even better cinematographer.
Anurag Tiwari
Cheif Editor / Script Writer

The wisest men work at night and Anurag is that person in our team. Working like an avid, insomniac owl, Anurag is all about details. It is safe to say that he is one of the most important persons on the team as he decides what goes into a teaser and what shots would make your wedding look exquisite on the screen. He is responsible to add the extra oomph in your already glitzy wedding and carving your story into a fairy tale.
Sakshi aher

When economics and numbers did not interest Sakshi, she picked up a camera and found her new love for lens and photography. And it was her enthusiasm that made her the newest member of our team. She is a perfect combination of goofy and hard work and her will to learn and create something new makes her the perfect match for the team. Plus point, she never complains about standing for long hours holding the lights for us as well.
Zeeshan Khan

His name is Khan and he is not at all bad at his work. Okay, we know that joke was pathetic but we assure you that Zeshaan’s work will be much more better than this. He puts his knowledge for cameras, his love for creativity and his passion to create something new into the best use. And we assure you that you will get the best results out of it.

Abhinav Tripathi

Not only his photography skills but also his dialect brought him to our team. After all, we also need a little entertainment during work time, right? He will run from one place to another and is responsible for all Hum Saath Saath Hai kind of family photos. If you are looking for some really arty pictures, then ladies and gentlemen, you may find this man and ask him to click your picture. Couples, take note and you might want to hear his suggestions when getting clicked for a romantic picture

Pratham Sharma

He might look aloof but Pratham is very hands-on with the camera. He is always thinking about how he can make a shot look dramatic and we feel lucky that he generally succeeds at it all the time. Not just pictures, Pratham can interest you in some really poor jokes but we make sure he will never disappoint you with his work and only crack lame jokes if you ask for them.
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